App Privacy Policy

Apps made in Germany! Pineapple Developer, owner Johannes Schuh (short form: Pineapple Developer), guarantees:

  • full transparency - for each App exists a complete description on this website and on Google Play Store. Each description shows you all required permissions and for what they are used. An example given: if an Android App needs the permission to access the internet, then the App only uses this permission for this function! If the App uses this permission for another activity, Pineapple Developer commits itself to list this additional activity transparently for the Android user. There are no hidden activities!
  • no hidden costs - generally the published Android Apps are available as Free or as Premium version. Premium versions cost only once the displayed amount on Google Play Store. There are no costs for Android users who install the free version! The free version has in the most cases the option to upgrade the App to the premium version. This option simply redirects the Android user to the Google Play Store where he has an additional chance to decide against an upgrade!
  • no collecting of personal data - Pineapple Developer does neither demand to enter personal information within the App nor does Pineapple Developer collect personal data.
    Excluded are Free versions, which are using methods to display advertising. For displaying the ads, the technology of Admob (Google) is used. Admob loads, displays and refreshes In-App-Advertising. If you use a free App, Admob uses information like age, gender or data, which are stored on your device by Cookies, Web-Beacons or other techniques. These data could include the IP-Address, the device number, the device model, the displayed ad, the position where the ad is displayed, the duration of a displayed ad, the ad size, and the amount of clicks on an ad. Admob uses this information to measure the amount of ads and for designing appropriate advertising. The transmitted data are collected and redirected under the privacy policy of Admob (further information on
    In free versions of the published Android Apps, displaying advertising with Admob is an integrated service. If you will not agree with this technology, you only have the option to buy the Premium version, or not to use the App.
    EDIT: The update in October 2015 did remove every ad content of the free versions, so that no third party can collect any personal data.

Updated - Johannes Schuh

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